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This looks like the apartment buildings up on Cleveland ave. being bulit.

HOW TIME CHANGES ! As a child, the first house on Cleveland avenue on the left was that of Robert,Bob, Boyer and family. The last house was that of Clarence Grimes and in betwee I believe there were but 2 homes. I lived on the top of the hill of Kemp Avenue in a 2 family home and looked down to the Boyer home. All the fielda around were blueberry, wild strawberries, blakberries and rasberries and many natural herbs. All children in the area spent much times in these areas picking berrries for home consumption, canning etc. Even a sale or two at .10 cents a quart if fortunate enough to find someone with .10 cents extra. Children of today will never know the wonders and innocents of these times. I often wonder if the so called great society of this day ever could have competed with the greatest society of the past. I am now 80 years of age having sampled both, leaves me in a confused state as to how modern science could replace the natural sciences of the past. Our bible reminds us that all that is needed to survive has been created on mother earth. Even our scientists take from mother earth to create chemicals etc., not always beneficial, and declare great new discoverie. Pshaw, it was always here to begin with. I had the privalage of meeting 2 great doctors in my time who practiced medicin to do no harm and promote good. One said, medication will do you no harm if you hold it out at arms length and look at it. Suffice it to say, there will be a time when a certain medication will become a must for survival. Otherwise, mothernature, diet, proper rest and exercise along with a clear attitude and help thy neighbor attidude will go far in keeping you in good spritual, mental, physical and moral condition in order to live out a fruitful life. Amen to that as many so-called medical, and psycological and surgical procedures do nothing more than cause harm in order for another to gain wealth. We live in a combination of good and evil and who can parse the difference when a need becomes neccessary. I personnally depend more on natural and spiritual offerings for good physical and mental well being and to-date have had nothing but but gratitude for our Creator.

Can you name any of the people?

Just complimenting the previous long note -- there is wonderful great wisdom there! Bless you and hope you live another 20 years.

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