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North Adams Library

Can you name the location?
North Adams Public Library

Beautiful old building!

What was the Year?

What was the Season?

Can you name any of the people?
John Saltamarti(Left), Dave? and ?

Can you name the location?
Near Drury and Library

Making a movie "It Happened on the 5th" for Merrigan's class.

Randy took this picture of a crew that was videotaping a program and using the Library as a background. This photo was taken before fall of 1978. The clue? The tree to an observer's right is not there because it was planted after the Fall Foliage Parade in 1978. The tree was carried in that parade on a decorated truck bed with Lew Cuyler dressed up as a Civil War soldier. Lew used a sound system to tell people along the route of the parade about Project Tree, an undertaking of the Centennial Committee (the 100th anniversary of the separation of Adams/North Adams). The tree project proved to be very successful. A plaque on the 2nd floor of City Hall honors the donors who made this endeavor worthwhile. By the way, that sapling tree pretty much hides the right side of the Library as one looks at it today, some 23 years later. ...and might I add that we suffered a big blow when Lew lost his job at the Transcript and moved to Pittsfield.

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