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Can you name the location?
Windsor Lake (Fish Pond)

Across the lake is the City Park Campground Beach and shelter

Back in the 30's and 40's we had a raft with a diving tower at LeFvers Beach. Ike Berger was the main Lifeguard and Ray Bordon was the truant officer that patrolled arounf the pond. Ike had many of us younger boys rowing around the swimming are as his helpers. During the depression years we had a canival swing set owned by Emile Dubreuil(also had the natural skating rink on the corner of River and Houghton Sts.)and the long rides were .05 cents. My uncle Adrien Dubreuil had a ferris wheel at Pontoosac lake . Carnival business wasn't good during the depression. There were cottages privately owned and some rentals on the Lefevre beach side. It was a great gathering area for many kids and family gatherings. Some days you couldn't find room to spread a towel on the lawns even on some cottage lawns it woul be so crowded. Many evening were also very croded on hot summer nights. Many evenings, The Hart Band would be in a boat at the center of the lake playing real good soul and jazz plus other popular tunes. They were great and these were the simpler days, real family and friend days. This type comorodery and empathetic groupng died out during and after WW2. The memories will never completely die so long as we the survivors of the times are alive. Our numbers are shrinking,but, memories grow. Thank you Lord. Thank you Randy for your creativeness.

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