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What was the Year?

Can you name the location?
N.A. dump when it was an open burning dump.

The real heavy black smoke is reminissent of the time when you could burn tires in the open. If you were too close it would cover you with black soot almost the same as that which coverd you when riding coach when the steam engine was the king. It was really bad when going through the Hoosac Tunnel if someone forgot to close t he windows. I also remember when the local steam roller was in use packing the roads. I can still picture the operator,red faced, stocky, bald but wore an old felt hat and chewed on banker cigars. The name escapes at present.He always waved to us kids. Of course banker and collinsworth cigars were made locally on Eagle St.

HUMMMMM, I hope this is NOT the site of the new Drury high school...I know it was build on a dump.

Can you name any of the people?

HUMMM, Please check your facts for 5 or 10 minutes before posting-you are incorrect.

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