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What was the Season?

Can you name the location?
Furnace Street

Looks like they are picking up railroad rails,that maybe they replaced in the tunnel that runs under west main street. You can see city hall parking lot in picture and hadley overpass

I believe that there was a side track section in the area and was being removed. When heavy rail traffic was commonplace, prior to Mass. Turnpike, there were many sidetracks where rr cars were parked for unloading or to be picked up at a later time. Remember that the Hoosac Tunnel was built and became the GATEWAY TO THE EAST and remained so for quite some time. That's when there were many hobos and tramps would camp, beg and steal and the hobos would perform services for food, clothing or a few cents or bucks. Many times, when we lived on top of Kemp Ave.tehy would offer their services.I recall some of the camping and meeting areas. near the entrance of the tunnel. I did at times enjoy visiting and talking with some of the hobos, many were well educated, travelled and read a lot. It was in the depression ara. Many out of work, some just were not interrest in accumulating property or wealth for they did not cate to become caretakers of same. They were content to exist and live their lives as hohos.(Not a dirty word). Bums on the other hand were not at all trustworthy.

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