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Can you name the location?
Looks like Charlemont again. Quite a wreck.

What was the Year?

What was the Season?

Can you name the location?
Zoar Curve Weast Of The Detector

If you look closely at the picture you will notice that the river is on the right side of the rails.That would indicate that the location is west of Rt-2 overpass.I was recently told by the son of the person who lives in the house on the left side of Zoar Rd just past the detector that there was a derailment in his back yard when he was younger.Although he didn't give me a date but I would say in the mid to late 70's.There are still freight car parts on the banking between the tracks and the river.A little better discripition of location would be just at the bridge over Pelham Brook,thats the brook you go over before turning left to go under the tracks at the MCI bungalow to head to River Rd and the tunnel.You are correct in saying Charlemont but when people hear Charlemont they think closer to town.

Doesn't look like Charlemont.... It's too high up off the river. My first guess would be somewhere north of White River Jct. on the CV.

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