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What was the Year?

Can you name any of the people?
?Lentine Trucking?

Can you name the location?
North Adams Dump/Landfill/Transfer Station

Wow! The bad old days. It looks like one of the infamous gound fires at the "Landfill.

I recall the infamous grouind and underground fires. For instance on on Gallup St. dump that burned for years as it was also a dumping ground for coal ashes from the cotton mill with hot coals that burned for years and could not be extinguished. The fire dept. occasinally would come and actually feed the water hoses into the ground trying to extinguish the unerground fires and this would many times cause huge ground erruptions and send dirty ash into the air causing quite a mess. It took years for this gros smelling burning to die out.

I can just imagine what was being burned in the dumps... it scares me to think about it! No wonder today, we older folks have horrible sickness.

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